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Meet Laurence Boldt, Career Coach

For over two decades, author Laurence Boldt has been helping people to live their dreams, through his work as a writer, speaker, and career coach. He is the author of five books, including the bestselling career classic Zen and the Art of Marking a Living. This groundbreaking work has been credited by many with revolutionizing the career field, offering a new a vision of work and a new technology of vocational guidance. Boldt's other books include the bestselling How to Find the Work You Love, Zen Soup, and The Tao of Abundance.

Laurence is now accepting applications for a limited number of coaching clients. If you would like to work with Laurence and you are a highly-motivated, service-oriented individual who is ready to embrace change and do the work necessary to create the life you want, you can apply here >>

My Career Coaching Philosophy

My philosophy toward work is simple: Express your Being through your Doing. In other words, be yourself in the world of work—this will lead to both your happiness and your success. It is an approach to work and life that is not afraid to use words like love, gifts, soul, passion, and purpose. You find what you love from your love—not from worry, anxiety, frustration, greed, or competition. Your love is your strength; move in your strength and find the strength to overcome any obstacle. Your gifts are your abundance; move from the abundance of your gifts to the abundance of your life. Your soul is your depth. Dive beneath the surface; move from the depths of your being to the depths of your fulfillment. Your passion is your energy, move with your energy and you will stay energized. Your purpose is your destiny, move through life with a sense of destiny and be ready to meet the world with unwavering resolve.

If you don’t like the story of your work life, remember you are the author. You can write a new beginning, as well as a new middle and a new ending. My aim is to assist clients in crafting their own stories of their life’s work. I do NOT measure, assess, test, or evaluate them. I do pose questions, reflect on answers, challenge, and encourage. I endeavor to create a safe space from which to identify, explore, and expand into, dormant desires, untapped or underutilized gifts, and latent potentials. I want clients to get at what really moves them—their passions. That passion, that energy is the stuff with which to build a new experience of work. Once you have recognized and committed to your passion, the next step is to develop a plan for transforming that passion into a viable career. You will then chart a path for making the transition from what you are doing now to a career that reflects who you really are and what really matters to you.