Coaching with Laurence Boldt: Client Application
Coaching with Laurence Boldt

Laurence Boldt is now accepting applications for a limited number of coaching clients. If you would like to work with Laurence and are a highly-motivated, service-oriented individual who is ready to embrace change and do the work necessary to create the life you want, fill out the questionnaire below. Once received, you will be contacted with further information.


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5) What are the three things you like least about your current occupation?

6) What are your main interests outside of your current work?

7) Would you like to stay in the same general career field?
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8) If yes, what changes would you like to make? (For example, same field
but self-employed, same field but a position with more responsibility,
same general field but specializing in a particular area, etc.)

9) Do you have an idea of what careers you might be interested in?
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10) If yes, describe:

11) If money or re-training was not an issue, what work would you be
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12) What are your primary goals in seeking coaching? What, more
than anything, do you hope to gain from working with the career coach?

13) How did you hear about our coaching services?

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