About Susan Shapiro, Life Coach

About Susan Shapiro

Susan Shapiro is a long time associate of Laurence Boldt, and has been working on his various books, workshops, and other projects for many years. Susan attended the University of California at Santa Cruz, Coach University, and is working towards an Advanced Degree in coaching. She has been a student of meditation and personal growth modalities for more than twenty years.

As a life coach, Susan has the ability to inspire and motivate individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds. She has worked with CEOs, celebrities in film and the arts, and mentored other successful coaches. She has given Creative Empowerment seminars in a variety of venues and served as an instructor for the program to inmates in the Federal Prison System. Susan believes that regardless of their backgrounds, people contain the answers they seek within themselves. In her sessions she assists people in learning to draw upon this innate wisdom and gain the confidence they need to move forward in their lives. The renewed self-confidence and heightened awareness that her clients achieve continues to empower them long after they successfully complete The Creative Empowerment Program. In addition to her life coach work, Susan enjoys expressing herself creatively through music and painting. She is the owner of Visionary Life Coaching.