Life Coach Susan Shapiro's Message to Clients

A Message from Susan Shapiro, Life Coach

Imagination is the beginning of creation.
—George Bernard Shaw

I believe that human beings are naturally creative. We all have the innate ability to create lives of meaning and joy. Developing conscious control of our creative power is simply a matter of gaining deliberate control over what are more typically automatic and unconscious processes. Gaining creative mastery is not so much a matter of doing different things as it is of becoming more aware of what we are already doing, and doing it more consciously and deliberately. This simple truth—and its profound ramifications—have been proven to me time and again in my own life and the lives of my life coach clients.

As a life coach, I see my role as that of a guide dedicated to helping you tap your own creative power in meeting your specific goals and shaping the life you want to live. Over the years, I've learned that regardless of the specific outcomes being sought, the process of creating results both in it's positive dynamic elements and in its potential roadblocks and obstacles is remarkably similar. This knowledge and experience enables me to direct clients to activities that pay the best results with the least amount of time and energy. Together we will cut through the clutter and confusion and lay out a specific program geared toward the accomplishment of your unique objectives.

By working with and mastering the principles in The Creative Empowerment Process you will gain confidence in your ability to create the changes you want to make. You'll feel more empowered, alive, and happy. Not only this, but you will have fun in the process! In fact, the more creative you are the more fun your life becomes.

Do you somehow feel that your life is falling short of what it could be? Take the first step toward reclaiming your dreams and living life more fully, creatively, and consciously. I believe in you. I know that you can create the life you want, and I am here to assist you in the creative adventure of a lifetime!

Susan Shapiro,
Visionary Life Coaching