What Clients Are Saying about Susan Shapiro, Life Coach

What People are Saying

"Thank you again so much for all your help. It was wonderful working with you! The recommendations you gave me made quite a difference in my life. You helped me make some big transitions in a way no one else could have done. You are a wonderfully resourceful and patient guide. I wish you the best of everything!"

- J. O'Connor,
San Francisco, CA

"It has been a pleasure to work with Susan. Her incredible knowledge and expertise in the area of Life Coaching was extremely valuable and helped me move forward. The tools she provided were easy to use and gave results that, if applied almost immediately worked. Further, with continual work the tools are life changing in many areas. I really appreciated Susan's style, I was in charge of the sessions and what direction they might take based on my personal goals. Susan has a great sense of integrity and is a compassionate caring individual. I will continue to use Susan when I am in need of direction and will recommend her services to family and friends."

- H. Walter,
Santa Barbara, CA

"Susan gave me the space to explore potential goals for my life without passing judgment on my previous education, life experiences, or my sense of purpose. This made it safe for me to reach into my soul, pour out my desires, and share my dreams honestly knowing I would be nurtured in the process."

- Judy Cearnal,
Santa Barbara, CA

"Working with Susan put me back in touch with the power of thinking big! Her love and support gave me the courage to remember the difference I wanted to make in the world when I was young enough to believe that anything was possible.  Coaching with Susan is certain to energize your life and reawaken your dreams!"

- E. Marks, Educator,
Ashland, OR

"In the four years we have worked together, Susan Shapiro has been one of the most important guides and mentors in my life. Susan is one of those rare people who not only see clearly to the heart of any issue, but also know how to derive the most important lessons from that situation, and to chart a course for personal growth and success through any difficulty. She is a person of the highest personal integrity. Her direct and honest assessment of each situation is presented in a context of the greatest compassion and support. She is able to sympathize with one's struggles, while always encouraging and guiding one to the next stage of personal growth. She is able to contextualize the challenges of life in such a way that one is energized and inspired to move through them to the next level, be it in terms of work, relationships, or spiritual development. Her own journey in life, her courage and success in facing her own life challenges, and her continual commitment to truth and enlightenment have been, and continue to be, a great source of inspiration to me and to all who know her."

- Vicky Hart, Performing Artist and Vocal Instructor,

"Susan is a fantastic coach. She is extremely supportive and has an incredible wealth of knowledge. She is enthusiastic and a lot of fun to work with (she even makes goal setting fun—which was a real plus for me.) I not only have great goals that I believe in and feel empowered to achieve since completing the program, but I also know myself better than ever before."

- M. Mori,
Santa Barbara, CA

"Susan brings a great deal of spiritual, psychological and philosophical depth to her work, coupled with tangible consulting and coaching skills. Combined these provide a holistic approach to the coaching experience.

Coaching fundamentally requires the coach-ee to want some 'thing' different. It falls to the coach to explore what different encompasses, then help the coach-ee move toward those goals. Susan pushed and probed into areas that needed to be addressed. She held no judgments regarding 'good' vs. 'bad' or 'right' vs. 'wrong.' Our sessions focused on how I could get to an emotionally safe place, then push off again to recognize new possibilities and potentials."

- A. H., Coach, Consultant

"Susan has helped me find my true self and provided me with the tools to continue to better myself everyday."

-Ashley Rivard,
Los Angeles, CA

"Susan Shapiro walked into our lives one year ago in a month when we knew we had to 'put the pedal to the metal,' but didn’t know how to do so. We had recently moved to San Luis Obispo, and opened our therapy practice called Spirit Winds Therapy. The month we met Susan was a month that we truly needed clients to 'walk through the door.' Susan was a wonderful coach. First, she got us out of 'fear mode,' and then she gave us wonderful tools that enriched our lives as well as our business.

There are many ways to do affirmations, but Susan taught us a particular method that had the phone ringing in a matter of days. After a month of performing the daily affirmations, we had 13 new patients call and book appointments in ONE week’s time. We were truly amazed.

We would like to thank Susan from the bottom of our hearts. She is a terrific person who has a gift in empowering others to do their best."

- Michele Jang, Spirit Winds Therapy,

"Susan is highly educated in the art of coaching, having worked with and been trained by one of the top inspirational mentors in the new emerging work-for-love movement. She assisted me in actualizing my life's work, and in learning to consciously create instead of by default. The clarity of vision I received in working with her inspired action and results beyond what I could have expected working with a coach."

-Lloyd Hegland, Speaker, Consultant, Tarot Master

"I am a 70-year-old clinical psychologist and have worked with many coaches and counselors. Susan Shapiro brings a quality to this work which makes her a rarity in her field. She has an ability to discern the obstacles preventing individuals from achieving their potential and guide a person through them. I recommend working with her to anyone wishing to make deep and lasting improvements in their life."

- Duffie Bart, MA

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