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General Global Issues Web Sites

Learn more about a wide range of global issues at the Web sites below. Also refer to the Global Issues and Challenges Web and Book Resources in our Zen Book Resources area.

Better World Links - Better World Links offers over 40,000 links on global issues topics including peace, human rights, environment, sustainability, conflict regions, health, women, children, education, economics, globalization, politics, media and more. It is an ideal tool for anyone concerned about the many issues and challenges we face today. Easy-to-use and comprehensive.

Big Picture TV - Big Picture TV streams free video clips of leading experts, thinkers and activists in environmental and social sustainability. They offer a general audience analysis and commentary from a growing number of world leaders including scientists, journalists, economists, businessmen, designers and politicians.

Foreign Policy Association - The Foreign Policy Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring the American public to learn more about the world. Founded in 1918, the Foreign Policy Association serves as a catalyst for developing awareness, understanding of, and providing informed opinions on global issues. Through its balanced, nonpartisan programs and publications, the FPA encourages citizens to participate in the foreign policy process.

Global Issues - GlobalIssues.org looks into global issues that affect everyone and aims to show how most issues are interrelated. It features over 550 articles, discussing a range of issues from trade, poverty and globalization, to human rights, geopolitics, and the environment. Articles include links to over 7,000 links external articles, Web sites, reports and analysis lending credibility to the views presented.

The Global Oneness Project - The Global Oneness Project is a special project of Kalliopeia Foundation, a private grant-making foundation in northern California committed to honoring the unity at the heart of life’s rich diversity. The Global Oneness Project is exploring how the radically simple notion of interconnectedness can be lived in our increasingly complex world. Since 2006, they have been traveling the globe gathering stories from creative and courageous people who base their lives and work on the understanding that we bear great responsibility for each other and our shared world.

Their living library of films is available for free on their site, through select broadcast outlets, and on DVD. Through events and educational materials they offer opportunities for people to deepen their experience with the different facets of oneness they are exploring. Their hope is that by showing the diverse ways oneness is expressed—in the fields of sustainability, conflict resolution, spirituality, art, economics, indigenous culture, and social justice—others will be inspired to create solutions to personal and community challenges from their own lived understanding of oneness.

The New Security Beat - The New Security Beat promotes dialogue on the connections among environmental, health, and population dynamics and their links to conflict, human insecurity, and foreign policy. It is maintained by the staff of the Environmental Change and Security Program (ECSP) at the Woodrow Wilson Center.

OneWorld.net - OneWorld.net is an online media gateway for independently produced news on a host of issues that impact people worldwide. Built on sources from their global network, which includes nongovernmental organizations, development-oriented news services, foundations and research institutions, this unique Web space is both a search engine and online community for organizations and individuals seeking in-depth information or guidance on how to become involved in addressing challenges facing people worldwide.

PostGlobal - PostGlobal is an experiment in global, collaborative journalism, a running discussion of important issues among dozens of the world's best-known editors and writers. It aims to create a truly global dialogue, drawing on independent journalists in the countries where news is happening—from China to Iran, from South Africa to Saudi Arabia, from Mexico to India. PostGlobal operates as part of washingtonpost.com.

UN Human Development Reports - This Web site features global, regional and national reports. Featuring the Human Development Index, every report presents agenda-setting data and analysis and calls international attentions to issues and policy options that put people at the center of strategies to meet the challenges of development today—economic, social, political, and cultural. Regional reports promote regional partnerships for influencing change, and addressing region-specific human development approaches to human rights, poverty, education, economic reform, HIV/AIDS, and globalization. National reports place human development at the forefront of the national political agenda. A tool for policy analysis reflecting people's priorities, strengthening national capacities, engaging national partners, identifying inequities and measuring progress.

United Nations - The United Nations is an international organization founded in 1945 after the Second World War by 51 countries committed to maintaining international peace and security, developing friendly relations among nations and promoting social progress, better living standards and human rights. Although best known for peacekeeping, peacebuilding, conflict prevention and humanitarian assistance, there are many other ways the United Nations makes the world a better place. The Organization works on a broad range of fundamental issues, from sustainable development, environment and refugees protection, disaster relief, counter terrorism, disarmament and non-proliferation, to promoting democracy, human rights, governance, economic and social development and international health, clearing landmines, expanding food production, and more, in order to achieve its goals and coordinate efforts for a safer world for this and future generations. Find resources to learn about the world issues mentioned above, and more.