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"[In, How to Find the Work You Love] Boldt teaches you how to proactively take control of your career by setting your feet in the direction you've always wanted to go. Life then becomes a mission, not a burden; a contribution, not a cage of unmet dreams."

- Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits
of Highly Effective People


"[How to Be, Do or Have Anything is] a powerful resource for creating the life you have always dreamed of."

- Jack Canfield, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul


"Work is more than a matter of keeping busy all day. It must feed the soul as well. Laurence Boldt has done a splendid job of explaining this truth. I commend Zen and the Art of Making a Living to all thoughtful readers and seekers."

- Richard N. Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute?


[The Tao of Abundance] is "not just another 'get rich without losing your soul' book. The abundance Boldt eloquently speaks of isn't material but spiritual or psychological: it's the experience of living in accord with nature—a challenging lifelong quest. Boldt offers a smart, radical understanding of how quiet ageold wisdom can help us survive our frantic consumerist society with sanity, grace, even leisure."

- Ernest Callenbach, author of Ecotopia


"Once again Laurence Boldt gives us the tools we need to live our passion, follow our true work, and make our living in harmony with our true spiritual path."

- Michael Toms, co-founder New Dimensions Radio,
co-author of True Work: Doing What
You Love and Loving What You Do


"[How to Find the Work You Love] provides a thoughtful context for reflecting on the deeper meaning and purpose of work."

- Joe Dominguez and Vicki Robin,
authors of Your Money or Your Life


"This thin self-help manual [How to Find the Work You Love] provides an elegantly simple approach to defining what you want from life and work. Clear your mind to consider the author's provocative, introspective questions, and you will likely walk away with new insights and ideas to rebuild your career."

- Richard Leider, author of The Power of Purpose


Comments From Professionals

[Zen and the Art of Making a Living] is "upbeat, down-to-earth, and practical. . . . The best part of Boldt's accomplishment is that it doesn't strike any phony notes."

- Milton Moskowitch, coauthor of
The 100 Best Companies to Work for in America


[The Tao of Abundance] is "recommended reading for anyone searching for a personal definition of enough."

- Vicki Robin, co-author Your Money or Your Life


"Zen and the Art of Making a Living is one hell of a book. I [feel] that [it] really challenges What Color Is Your Parachute? for leadership in the career field. Nice Job!"

- Daniel Lauber, author of Non-Profit & Education Job Finder
President, Planning Communications


"Zen and the Art of Making a Living has been, for many years, a treasured and often referred to addition to my very selective library. It is that rare combination of the inspirational and the practical."

- Dick Richards,
author of Artful Work and
Is Your Genius at Work?


"After fifteen years, 4,000 clients and authorship of my own career counseling program, this is simply the best book in its field that I have ever seen! I have reviewed almost all career counseling books, programs and strategies available. None is better than Zen and the Art of Making a Living."

- Jim Fritz, V.P. Program Development
Access Influential, Inc.


If you're tired of taking career assessment tests and want a fresh perspective on discovering the life you were meant to do, pick up this book [How to Find the Work You Love.]

- Heather Mundell
Certified Professional Coach


The subtitle of this book [Zen and the Art of Making a Living] is A Practical Guide to Creative Career Design and it is that and more. The best book, by far, that I have come across on how to identify what your strengths are, how to visualize your ideal job and how to go about bringing it into existence. Hundred of inspiring quotes and dozens of thoughtful checklists. If you go through this book with care, it will assuredly be life changing in addition to thought provoking.

- Prof. Srikumar S. Rao
Columbia School of Business


"The Tao of Abundance presents an elegant formulation for an analysis of the economic opportunities and behavior patterns that impact our lives. I was struck by the author's ability to use the wisdom of such an ancient tradition to transcend every age and financial fashion."

- Jacques Vallee, author and President of Eurolink International


"The Tao of Abundance is another enlightening book from Laurence Boldt. I loved the earlier book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living, which remained at my desk for more than 5 years. These well presented books are worth the price for the quotations alone. Although intended as a guide for living abundantly in these challenging times, there is a wonderful introduction to Taoism here and considerable information about the Taoistic approach sprinkled throughout. Boldt, long a student of Eastern spiritual traditions, brings this wisdom to the contemporary situation and allows it to inform a normative view of modern living. We gain from this reading and the suggested exercises a personal perspective on our life-situation; an awareness that offers an opportunity to create a new way for ourselves in the world. Installing the eight essential principles of Taoism into our life structures could be quite transforming. I highly recommend for you an assiduous study of this book to start off the new millennium."

- Roger Ebsen, Spiritwalk Foundation


"The Tao of Abundance will passionately and emotionally change your life. To realize that true abundance is a mindset and totally within our control is both energizing and reassuring."

- Tom Kuczmarski, President Kuczmarski and Associates,
author of Innovation and Values Based Leadership
Faculty member Kellogg Graduate School
of Management Executive programs


"How To Be, Do, or Have Anything by Laurence G. Boldt is one of the best books I have ever read and that I have seen written in the area achieving your personal goals in life. I believe that it is one of the best books on the market. Laurence has done a great job of explaining clearly and in detail how you can really achieve your dreams in life. It is an excellent book and I would highly recommend it."

- Norman Barlow, Ph.D.


"Over the past six weeks, I have read and digested your book Zen and the Art of Making a Living. As a therapist and educator, I found your writing very readable and informative. More importantly, on a personal level I was struck by the depth at which many of the ideas resonated in my psyche. I was impressed with the scholarly yet deceivingly simple marriage of the ideas you presented. Your succinct, dear melding of Archetypes, Zen, and Career seemed so appropriate in dealing with the 'Fallen heroes' I travel with daily. I see your work as a source of inspiration for many men and women."

- Larry Dick, L-M Dick and Associates
Alberta, Canada


"The parachute books are useful, and there are hundreds about finding purpose, meaning, work you love, etc. The best is Boldt's 600-page workbook [Zen and the Art of Making a Living.] Lots of philosophy and quotations mixed with a practical guide for creative career design. The sections are easy to move in and out of depending on your needs. Comprehensive, useful, and maybe even life changing."

- Dr. Mark S. Albion


"Boldt presents his formula for finding one's "calling," the work one is put on the earth to do. The author of Zen and the Art of Making a Living explains how to find a new and rewarding career, introducing simple job-hunting strategies that emphasize four key elements—Integrity, Service, Enjoyment, and Excellence. This book is terrific! Highly recommended!" [How to Find the Work You Love]

- Dr. Mary D. Bell,
Success Coaching


"Tons of books are out there on health, wealth and prosperity . . . and after a while they kinda get boring. But Laurence's work [The Tao of Abundance] is absolutely magnificent. A masterpiece in every sense of the word. Laurence creates a beautiful tapestry of Eastern and Western philosophy to create a book that reads more like a poem, than a book of facts. A book that has changed my life—and a book I intend to read throughout my life."

- Dr. Sundeep Bhasin
Mississauga, Canada


"I love this book! [How to Find the Work You Love] It's short, concise and extremely thought provoking. Laurence Boldt has done a fantastic job of getting to the heart of the matter when it comes to career choices and finding a sense of vocation. So many of us wonder "what am I supposed to be doing with my life?" If that's you, pick up this book—it will start you on the track to figuring it out."

- Deirdre M. Dufour,
VIP Coaching


"[Our staff enjoys] Zen and the Art of Making a Living, and, of course, we share the book with our students. Your ideas about meaningful livelihood are important to me and to my students. Your book with its basic principle of choosing to be in control of one's career is very valuable to these people. It helps us to help them to create their new reality."

- Lou Smith,
Re-Creating Your Future
Dallas, TX


"First I would like to say thank you in a very large way! I was given your book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living, last March. I am an outplacement consultant . . . and also have a private practice working with people in career and life transition. It is the best book and most aligned material I have ever come across. . . . Since receiving the book, I have been recommending it, not only to my clients, but to other consultants, career centers, and friends. I have probably recommended it to several hundred people so far. I acknowledge you for an epic and powerful piece of work. It makes my life a lot easier and is a great way for me to support my clients. . . . Again, thank you. Your work is very important at this time."

- R. B., Outplacement Consultant
Colorado Springs, CO


"I have been a Career Counselor . . . for the past ten years. In all of this time, I have not found a book that is as effective and well-rounded as Zen and the Art of Making a Living. . . . Your book has become a fixture in my career center. But beyond its appeal to me, I think it finally takes career education in the many directions necessary to establish, not only one's identity, but an assessment of what makes work meaningful to an individual. Few, if any, texts I've worked with in the past have accomplished this."

- M. R. H., Career Counselor
Seattle, WA


"I am writing this letter while enthusiastically making my way thru Zen and the Art of Making a Living and wanted to express my reaction and thanks. For three years, I have run the Women's Outreach Program for a community college in New Jersey, guiding women towards careers thru empowerment, education, and support. I am grateful that there are career counselor/authors out there, like yourself, who affirm and give flesh to the things we try to do on a daily basis. . . . Your work reminds me what the path means and [of] the necessity for tending my own psychic garden so that the fruits of a value-laden life will be mine. Thank you."

- A. F., Career Educator
New York, NY


"I am a career/placement counselor located in New York City. I wanted to thank you for writing such a wonderful book [Zen and the Art of Making a Living]. It seems . . . the unfortunate trend is for people to keep their work and emotional/spiritual lives separate. I believe the integration of the two is the very essence of happiness in one's work life, and I was glad to learn that someone [had] elaborated so eloquently on the topic. I also loved the way your book was laid out-it is very user friendly and interactive, without losing its deeper meaning. Thank you."

- A. S., Career Counselor
Brooklyn, NY


Comments From Other Readers

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Comments about Zen and the Art of Making a Living

"I was breezing through the well worn pages of my old copy of Zen and the Art of Making a Living, searching for inspirational quotes, when I realized, that yours is the single most comprehensive book I've ever read . . . and I've read a lot of books. Thank you for writing it."

- Michael Parra

"Zen and the Art of Making a Living is a gift to society! I absolutely loved it and recommend friends and family get their own copy! Thanks!

- Dan Bahrenburg

"I didn’t expect a career planning guide to inspire and feed my soul but it did. The book is full of practical and spiritual suggestions for integrating work into daily living. If you are unsure what you want to do in your work, this book will help you research your many choices to enhance creativity and fulfillment. If you are already working yet feel something is missing, Zen and the Art of Making a Living will assist you in finding the joy in your work and making a contribution. Formatted similar to a workbook, this book is so chock full of inspiring quotes, strategies, and wisdom that you will soon find yourself applying the concepts to all areas of your life."

- Lisa Grady

"How can I possibly express the life-transforming realizations your book has helped me to see? I truly feel blessed to have found it. It's given me a whole new perspective on work and couldn't have come along at a better time in my life. I've been longing to make a career change for many years, and your book has inspired me to go for it."

- Dave Powell, Newman, GA

"I am writing to you to let you know how much I enjoyed and benefited from your book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living. I found it fascinating, stimulating, meaningful, and helpful. You truly helped me to resolve to take the first steps on a new path (my quest) for which my heart and my mind have been yearning for years. It has served, not only as an invaluable resource for information and ideas, but also as a source of wisdom and a jumping-off place for discovery. I thank you for writing it."

- Jeffrey R. Kastin, La Jolla, CA

"I recently discovered your book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living. It's the best career planning book I've ever read, and I've read quite a few. Unlike most career planning books, your book deals with the deeper issues of what work (and life) is all about."

- D. S., San Francisco, CA

"Thank you. Thank you graciously, passionately, joyously. I had lost purpose . . . and your book provided a mirror, a process, a background, chunks of wisdom, assurance. . . . My 'work' has just begun, of course, but your book really reaches me. It sings to me. I wanted to say thank you for your work, for putting me back on the Way, for re-awakening me."

- E. J. , Haverhill, MA

"Just had to tell you-I've had the 'ultimate' Zen experience with your book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living. I was thoroughly 'stuck' in regard to career decisions. . . . I bought the book and immersed myself in it, vowing to 'do' the book as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, so that I could get myself to decide upon a direction, and get on with my life. . . . I am busily doing the next step I need to take, career-wise. I do not know exactly how and where this step will lead me, but my next step is obvious, and I have finally admitted that that sort of clearness is all that matters to me."

- C. B. I., Worthington, OH

"I have just ordered from a favorite local book store ten copies of your book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living. What a wonderful out-of-the-blue gift to friends and not-so-friends alike. This is a WORK! . . . What a work! For both the spiritual life/philosophies AND [as] a practical workbook . . . There ain't none-not like this! Thank you."

- C. K. L., Perrysburg, NY

"I picked up a copy of your book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living: by page ten, I was on the phone trying to locate your phone number. Thank you for writing this most wonderful expression of love. I have always considered work as a person's primary art form; your book is the first time I've run across the idea put forth so totally and helpfully. . . .Thank you so much for giving and sharing."

- R. S., Marion, IA

"Thank you for your time and energy in writing Zen and the Art of Making a Living. Of the books I have read, yours will be listed as one of the most influential in changing the way I think and live."

- S. P., Silver Spring, MD

"I am amazed at the talent of Mr. Boldt in so many ways. Certainly, his ability to organize a very lengthy publication in a way that takes each individual through the process so they can understand it and actually achieve the desired outcome, in itself is a tremendous accomplishment. . . . His talent in writing effectively, clearly, yet [in a way that can be] understood by people of various educational backgrounds is a beautiful talent. Most importantly, his eloquent style, his words come from a place within himself that is truly real. I thank him from the bottom of my heart and soul for helping me and many others to change their lives. . . . Words cannot express the thanks for the gift he has given so many."

- C. M., Westport, CT

"Your Zen guide to creative life was a life-saver. It was the Zen wisdom and the myths and your love beaming from every page that took me back to my real home. Thank you for existing, Laurence. Thank you for the book."

- I. G., St. Jean-Gonville, France

"I recently finished reading your book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living, and wanted to thank you for writing such a fine piece of work. . . . Your book has given me inspiration on using my diverse skills within my life instead of trying to conform to somebody else's set of ideals for my career. . . . Since reading your book, I've had the opportunity to express the artist in me. I recently landed the lead role in a music video. In addition, I am currently writing a script based on true life experiences. . . . Again, thanks for writing Zen and the Art of Making a Living."

- T. H., Boston, MA

"Before graduating from college, I wasn't quite sure what occupation I would choose for my life's work. Fortunately, I read your book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living. As a result of the insights I gained from your book, I've chosen the path of an entrepreneur and have come to discover my purpose in life."

- B. K., Mishawaka, IN

"I love your book Zen and the Art of Making a Living! The view it shares resonates deeply in me, and also the spiritual dimensions it addresses hit home. . . . Thank you. Thank you."

- C. J., Brooklyn, NY

"I am a 48-year-old white male who is coming to the end of his primary professional career. About a month ago, I found your book. I have found your work fascinating. It has changed my life. . . . I have bought three copies of the book (only because the store didn't have more) and given them to friends. Without exception, everyone feels that your book is outstanding and enlightening. They all say it is changing their lives for the better, as well. This is a long-winded way of saying 'Thank you. Thank you more than you will ever know.' Your book is nothing short of a miracle."

- T. W., Gaithersburg, MD

"Your Zen and the Art of Making a Living created an eye-opening impact with me. I've found what's calling me. . . . I'm pursuing it, and I'm at the point of catching it and riding it home. Thanks for your dedication. It helps."

- D. L., Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you for your excellent book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living. I find it thoughtful and thought provoking, helpful and insightful. . . . I have a great pleasure in recommending your book to my clients."

- D. G., Los Angeles, CA

"I just wanted to tell you how very much I have enjoyed your book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living. All the time and caring, effort and excellence that have been crafted into your work have made it a trusted and very useful companion."

- J. M., Aptos, CA

"Your book Zen and the Art of Making a Living is brilliant and inspiring. It is a major breakthrough in the usually very dry realm of career-seeking. I am honestly in awe of the amount of time and hard work you have put into creating it."

- A. H., Port Orchard, WA

"Want to live the life you were born to live? Read this book! After reading many career planning guides, I have found that "Zen and the Art of Making a Living" is perhaps the most thoughtful, life-changing book ever written on the subject. While many books are geared towards assisting you in fixing your career problem, whether it be by finding a "better job" or finding a job that fits your personality type. The "Zen" book goes deeper than mere quick-fix career books by presenting us the opportunity to go on a journey to discover our purpose for being here. Given the time we are living in now, I think more and more people are recognizing their desire for meaningful work. Go on the journey, there is nothing to lose—you have only to learn more about yourself, your world, and your destiny!"

- A reader from California

Comments about The Tao of Abundance

"What the Culture Doesn't Teach You: This book can change your life. Feel like you are always chaseing rainbows, but never reaching the pot of gold? Have too much stuff, but never enough? Fed up with your job, but don't know what else to do because it pays just enough to keep you affluent, but not enough to be independent? YOU NEED THIS BOOK.

The Tao of Abundance will help you examine your relationship to things, to money, to work and to yourself. More than that it will help you understand how you are being manipulated by things outside of yourself - and how you can break free of that manipulation to gain control of your thinking, your goals and your life.

This a terrific book. I have worn out one copy of the printed version, given another away (OK lent to my brother and never had it returned), bought a second, and bought the tape to listen to in the car."

- A. Bruno

"No sin can exceed / Incitement to envy; / No calamity's worse / Than to be discontented," said Lao Tzu centuries ago. The alienation and anxiety that stalk our lives today are the result of a "psychology of lack." Laurence G. Boldt, the best-selling author of Zen and the Art of Making a Living, believes that eight ancient principles from Taoism can put us on a path of abundance. The first principle is to accept the unity of all things, or as Lao Tzu put it: 'To embrace all things means also that one rids oneself of any concept of separation: male and female, self and other, life and death. Division is contrary to the nature of the Tao.'

Abundant living comes when we are open to receive and when we follow the path of least resistance. This is the art of wu-wei (effortless action), which is an antidote to the struggle for survival. Boldt is convinced that contentment comes not by succumbing to social pressures but by honoring our inborn abilities. Or as Chuang Tzu put it: 'Obey your own destiny; it is often very difficult, but it is the only means of attaining serenity.'"

- Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

"Read this book! This book is awesome! I am on my second read. The more I study Eastern philosophy, the more it resonates with me. This is especially true of Taoism. When I first learned about it, it seemed like such an apathetic world-view -- stressing the importance of, basically, not caring. As I learn more, though, I think I got it wrong. Boldt presents topics in such a way that many are truly incredible insights into basic truth and the way the world works. Taoism has many *very* valuable teachings that most of us could benefit enormously from."

- SUSAN J. B. from Atlanta, GA, USA

Comments about How to Find the Work You Love

"This book could change your life! Outstanding! This excellent book helps you clear away all the self-limiting thinking that's keeping you from finding your life's purpose. It will also help you discover your right livelihood through a series of insightful, though-provoking questions. You will love this book; it's fun to read, and VERY inspiring. It's far different from most any other self help book you have probably read before. Also, BE SURE you get the cassette version, too . . . listen to it in thecar, while exercising, or anytime you need a great pep talk. This book gives you more than hope . . . it gives you a path and vision to achieve your purpose in life. Get it!!

- A reader from Memphis, TN

"Truly Inspiring. This book helped me discover what I really want to be doing with my life
. . . Boldt's inspirational prose motivated me to return to school and make a major career change, something I've been needing to do for a long time. He includes a lot of questions to help you clarify your decisions: What was I born to do? What is the best use of my life? What am I ready to dedicate myself to? By answering these questions, I found the knowledge and strength to change my life for the better. A concise little book that's worth reading and studying over and over again."

- Reader from Minneapolis, MN

"A great book for those interested in finding work love: I found this book to be a great help and a wonderful inspiration. It packs a powerful punch for such a small book. There are many useful quotes and nuggets of advice from the greats in history who decided to pursue what they love rather than stay in a 9-5 job that they hated. In our crazy, I want it now, fast paced, materialistic society where money seems to be the bottom line, many of us have forgotten that we all will be dead some day. What a waste of time it is to stay in a job you hate. The author of this book doesn't assume that finding work you love is going to be easy. I can't say that I had a revelation after reading this book (which I first read about a year ago and read again last week) It's not as if you immediately go and find the work you love after reading this book. What is valuable though, is the wonderful insight it gives you on the possibilities. This may be difficult for many who have been weaned on getting everything quickly. I advise you read it, then make up your own mind."

- A reader from Monserat

"Find Your Creative Passion: At 154 pages, this book is a short and an easy read. You can tell that the author is also a lecturer because the book seems like it makes a few basic points that could have been projected on a screen using PowerPoint slides. This book is not an intellectual analysis of data, but more like an inspirational pep talk.

"You are practically presented with an outline in each chapter, complete with bolded headings and sub-headings. This book is also filled with poignant quotes from notable people spanning the ages of history. This approach is appropriate and effective for this subject matter.

"The thesis of the book is simply find what taps into your creative passion in life and you will find the work you love. The book actually does give you a methodolgy to follow to uncover what at first seems to be an amorphous task. The "Focusing Questions" the author presents throughout the second half of the book is an opportunity for the reader to reflect and think about how this can make sense for him or her.

"The title of the book may be a little misleading. "Finding the work you love" is not referring to actually getting the job. The title is referring to finding within yourself what it is that you would love to do for your life's work.

"The audience for this book could be anyone from the high school or college graduate to the senior citizen. Anyone who is not sure what contribution they want to make for the rest of their lives might benefit from a bit of focused insight and reflection. Even if you are sure about what your life's work is, the book could still be valuable as a reinforcement that you are on the right path for you."

- David Heier, Columbus, OH

"Short and Effective: For anyone whose ever tried to read "What Color is Your Parachute?" multiple times and has tossed it aside an equal number because it really didn't help, I recommend "How to Find the Work You Love."

"Instead of focusing on what color tie to wear or whether to send that follow up thank you card to your prospective employer, Laurence G. Boldt instead starts with the big questions and systematically focuses them down into simple, yet effective criteria to pursue the work you love. The first 2 chapters examine the paradigms and obstacles that get in the way of doing the work you love. The third chapter offers a basic formula for finding the work you love:

  • Decide what you are looking for
  • Decide to keep looking until you find it
  • Decide when you have found it

"He then defines "it" with 4 simple criteria: Integrity, Service, Enjoyment, Excellence. The following chapters examine each in more detail, mixing in focusing questions here and there. The questions range from 'When you were a child, what did you most love to do?' to 'What is the purpose of your life?' to identifying ways you can earn a living doing what you love and identifying those in your life most/least supportive of your dreams.

'The epilogue briefly guides you on where to go, now that you've found work that you love. This is the best "job" book I've ever read. It never does get to what color tie to where, but I refer back to it again and again for that right-brain focus. If you are more of a left-brain type and prefer more concrete structure and less abstract questioning, I recommend "Zen and the Art of Making a Living" by the same author. It still has the abstract bits, but there are a lot more tools that help you develop specific career strategy and planning."

- An Customer


Comments about How to Be, Do, or Have Anything

"After a thorough review of Laurence Boldt's book, How to Be, Do, or Have Anything, I must say I wish I could make it required reading in our country's school system as well as throughout the offices of corporate America. Having worked as a counselor and teacher for the last 27 years, I can't honestly say I've ever come across any better resource to help people take control of their destiny. Boldt's book beautifully and powerfully inspires action, and then backs up the encouragement and inspiration with solid, grounding tools to use in actually getting on with those actions in our lives. This book can be used by "already successful" and "still struggling" people alike, unlike so many other self-coaching books that, without admitting it, require a fat wallet to implement all of their suggestions for a better life. How to Be, Do or Have Anything is a solid, undiluted, down-to-earth helping of fortitude and strength. I wish every man woman and child could get a copy into their hands and read it cover to cover. If they did, I'd probably have to find another line of work. Thank you, Laurence Boldt, for a job well done!"

- John Anderson, New York, NY

"I was visiting Seattle in May when I picked up a copy of "How to Be, Have, etc." and began working my way through it. I don't believe in coincidences, and this was exactly what I needed to put my hands on at this time. I became so excited reading it that I had to put it on a shelf while I purchased and read every book Mr. Boldt has written to date (in chronological order). I am currently in the middle of Zen and the Art of Making a Living. I have awakened each morning to find I still retain that feeling of excitement and anticipation which tells me I'm on the right path. Specifically, the exercises in the books have helped me to clarify the direction in which I wish to go."

- Kevin Ferris, St. Louis, MO

"I have been a fan of Laurence G. Boldt since I read Zen and the Art of Making a Living. Actually, I change my career path after reading that book. Based in that experience, I bought this new book. The approach is very methodological and based on down-to-earth exercises you can do. Reading the book, I felt like talking to a friend about my aspirations and dreams, and he helping me how to convert them in reality. Very recommendable.

- A reader from Miami, FL

Comments about Zen Soup

"Laurence G. Boldt's Zen Soup is a collection of quotations from philosophers, religious teachers, and wandering sages. Boldt, the author of Zen and the Art of Making a Living, has organized this collection around 25 qualities associated with Zen principles including be here now, beginner's mind, joy, discipline, wonder, mindfulness, and enlightenment. The spirit of Zen ripples through these quotations, such as Joshua Holland's thought: "There is no royal road to anything. One thing at a time, and all things in succession. That which grows slowly endures."

- Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat

"For those of us with a little time. . .

". . . or inclination to sit on high cliffs or under banyan trees contemplating the cosmos, Laurence Boldt has compiled a delightful, inspiring, educational—and digestible—body of collective wisdom that reflects the spirit and teachings of Zen Buddhism. Perhaps Boldt himself explains best how this powerful little book ties in with recovery:

"If in a selfish world I remain compassionate, in a violent world I remain peaceful, in a shallow world I maintain depth and sincerity, in a world of ingratitude I celebrate the gift of life, then I have done what I can do. A Zen attitude frees us from ideas of victimization that permeate popular culture and reminds us that we are the "them" we so often complain about. It says, "Don’t spend your time in idle complaint; roll up your sleeves and get to work.

"As one who’s spent untold hours with books and research attempting to unmask the mysteries of Zen, this book comes about as close as this mortal is going to get. Zen Soup serves up quotes from an often surprising variety of sources—from Mahatma Ghandi to Alan Watts, from Lao-Tzu to Picasso. I think I even saw Ogden Nash and Lily Tomlin in there somewhere.

"The book is divided into twenty-five brief chapters that roughly approximate Zen’s premises and teachings: Courage, Responsibility, Creativity, Compassion, and so on. His chapter introductions are delightful (see excerpts below), and his words on "Everyday Zen" put the essence of this beautiful, paradoxical discipline in a light everyone can understand."

- C.P.E., Nurse Practitioner

"An enlightening blow to the head! Laurence G. Boldt has put together a first class selection of quotes from a wide range of famous men and women, each of them known for some kind of exceptional human achievement. As Boldt says, "the diversity of the sources highlights the timeless and universal nature of these principles", so there are many Westerners quoted aswell as more traditional Zen Eastern sources.

"The book is divided into 25 different sections, each of them covering a quality associated with the Zen tradition e.g. Be Here Now, Beginner's Mind, Responsibility, Compassion, Joy, Discipline, The Game Of Life, Selfless Service, Letting Go, Everyday Zen. There is a brief introduction to each quality, then a selection of associated quotes.

"Many readers of self-development books and spiritual ideas will be familiar with some of these sayings, but as befits the Zen emphasis, the quality and depth of these quotes really makes an impact. Some of the people quoted several times are Krishnamurti, Confucius, Mahatma Gandhi, Albert Einstein, Lao-Tzu, Goethe, Carl Jung, Albert Camus and texts from every major religion."

- Tim Burness, Brighton, England

"For those that are thirsty...DRINK up. Zen and Meditation are one and the same. Wisdom brightens and opens our lives. When I first read the book I was un-aware of the impact the book would have on my soul and vision of my life. I just loved the advice and wisdom gained through gulping and digesting the stuff."

- E. Stafford, Campbell, CA