Top Ten Best Books on Eastern Religion, 1999

Greetings from Delivers Eastern Religion Editor, Brian Bruya. The best books [on Eastern Religion] of 1999 are sure to ignite a beacon for the searching mind.

See The Tao of Abundance below #2 on Amazon's best Eastern religion books of 1999.

  1. Ethics for the New Millennium by the Dalai Lama
    In his Ethics for the New Millennium, the exiled leader of the Tibetan people shows how the basic concerns of all people—happiness based in contentment, appeasement of suffering, and forging meaningful relationships—can act as the foundation for universal ethics.
  2. The Tao of Abundance: Eight Ancient Principles for Abundant Living by Laurence G. Boldt
    Bestselling author Laurence Boldt presents a sophisticated alternative to life as we know it in The Tao of Abundance, in which he carefully dismantles the foundations of our consumer society brick by brick and, more importantly, our unquestioning acceptance of it.
  3. Crooked Cucumber: The Life and Zen Teaching of Shunryu Suzuki by David Chadwick
    With David Chadwick's biography of this extraordinary man, Shunryu Suzuki will take his rightful place as one of the progenitors of American Buddhism.
  4. Yoga and the Quest for the True Self by Stephen Cope
    Yoga and the Quest for the True Self is Stephen Cope's chronicle of self-discovery, a milestone in the melding of Eastern and Western methods of personal transformation.
  5. Going Home: Jesus and Buddha as Brothers
    by Thich Nhat Hanh
    In Going Home, Vietnamese monk Thich Nhat Hahn focuses on fundamental concepts that still drive a wedge between Christianity and Buddhism—such as rebirth vs. eternal life, God vs. nirvana, and so on.
  6. The Gift by Hafiz; translated by Daniel Ladinsky
    In The Gift, translator Daniel Ladinsky bestows on us the impassioned yet whimsical strains of Sufi master Hafiz's ecstasy-filled poetry.
  7. Beyond the Sky and the Earth by Jamie Zeppa
    Jamie Zeppa's candid, witty account is a spiritual memoir, a travel diary, and, more than anything, a romance that retraces the vicissitudes of ineluctable passion.
  8. Zen Path Through Depression by Philip Martin
    Since depression sometimes responds well to drugs, it's natural to think that, without medicinal intervention, we're helpless in the face of it. Like John Tarrant's groundbreaking Light Inside the Dark, Philip Martin's The Zen Path Through Depression offers a powerful alternative.
  9. Awakening to the Sacred: Creating a Spiritual Life from Scratch by Surya Das
    In Awakening to the Sacred, Surya Das heightens his efforts to increase the planet's spirituality quotient by teaching people how to take advantage of their own spiritual resources.
  10. Meeting God: Elements of Hindu Devotion
    by Stephen P. Huyler
    Meeting God is the culmination of Stephen Huyler's travels throughout the Indian subcontinent, documenting in vivid photographs the panoply of Hindu devotional practices.

Brian Bruya is a comparative philosopher, writer, and translator. His latest publication is "The Wisdom of the Zen Masters."