Zen and The Art of Making A Living by Self Help Author Laurence Boldt, Reader's Comments

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Zen and The Art of Making A Living

"Work is more than a matter of keeping busy all day. It must feed the soul as well. Laurence Boldt has done a splendid job of explaining this truth. I commend this book to all thoughtful readers and seekers."

- Richard N. Bolles, author of
What Color is Your Parachute

"Zen and the Art of Making a Living is one hell of a book. I [feel] that [it] really challenges What Color Is Your Parachute? for leadership in the career field. Nice Job!"

- Daniel Lauber, author of Non-Profit & Education Job Finder

"Zen and the Art of Making a Living has been, for many years, a treasured and often referred to addition to my very selective library. It is that rare combination of the inspirational and the practical."

- Dick Richards,
author of Artful Work and Is Your Genius at Work?

"After fifteen years, 4,000 clients and authorship of my own career counseling program, this is simply the best book in its field that I have ever seen! I have reviewed almost all career counseling books, programs and strategies available. None is better than Zen and the Art of Making a Living."

- Jim Fritz, V.P. Program Development Access Influential, Inc., Denver, CO

"Over the past six weeks, I have read and digested your book Zen and the Art of Making a Living. As a therapist and educator, I found your writing very readable and informative. More importantly, on a personal level I was struck by the depth at which many of the ideas resonated in my psyche. I was impressed with the scholarly yet deceivingly simple marriage of the ideas you presented. Your succinct, dear melding of Archetypes, Zen, and Career seemed so appropriate in dealing with the 'Fallen heroes' I travel with daily. I see your work as a source of inspiration for many men and women."

- Larry Dick, L-M Dick and Associates, Alberta, Canada

"[Our staff enjoys] your book, and, of course, we share the book with our students. Your ideas about meaningful livelihood are important to me and to my students. Your book with its basic principle of choosing to be in control of one's career is very valuable to these people. It helps us to help them to create their new reality."

- Lou Smith, Re-Creating Your Future, Dallas, TX

The subtitle of this book [Zen and the Art of Making a Living] is A Practical Guide to Creative Career Design and it is that and more. The best book, by far, that I have come across on how to identify what your strengths are, how to visualize your ideal job and how to go about bringing it into existence. Hundred of inspiring quotes and dozens of thoughtful checklists. If you go through this book with care, it will assuredly be life changing in addition to thought provoking.

- Prof. Srikumar S. Rao
Columbia School of Business

"First I would like to say thank you in a very large way! I was given your book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living, last March. I am an outplacement consultant . . . and also have a private practice working with people in career and life transition. It is the best book and most aligned material I have ever come across. . . . Since receiving the book, I have been recommending it, not only to my clients, but to other consultants, career centers, and friends. I have probably recommended it to several hundred people so far. I acknowledge you for an epic and powerful piece of work. It makes my life a lot easier and is a great way for me to support my clients. . . . Again, thank you. Your work is very important at this time."

- R. B., Outplacement Consultant, Colorado Springs, CO

"I have been a Career Counselor . . . for the past ten years. In all of this time, I have not found a book that is as effective and well-rounded. . . . Your book has become a fixture in my career center. But beyond its appeal to me, I think it finally takes career education in the many directions necessary to establish, not only one's identity, but an assessment of what makes work meaningful to an individual. Few, if any, texts I've worked with in the past have accomplished this."

- M. R. H., Career Counselor, Seattle, WA

"I am writing this letter while enthusiastically making my way thru Zen and the Art of Making a Living and wanted to express my reaction and thanks. For three years, I have run the Women's Outreach Program for a community college in New Jersey, guiding women towards careers thru empowerment, education, and support. I am grateful that there are career counselor/authors out there, like yourself, who affirm and give flesh to the things we try to do on a daily basis. . . . Your work reminds me what the path means and [of] the necessity for tending my own psychic garden so that the fruits of a value-laden life will be mine. Thank you."

- A. F., Career Educator, New York, NY

"I am a career/placement counselor located in New York City. I wanted to thank you for writing such a wonderful book. It seems . . . the unfortunate trend is for people to keep their work and emotional/spiritual lives separate. I believe the integration of the two is the very essence of happiness in one's work life, and I was glad to learn that someone [had] elaborated so eloquently on the topic. I also loved the way your book was laid out-it is very user friendly and interactive, without losing its deeper meaning. Thank you."

- A. S., Career Counselor, Brooklyn, NY

"Career Consultant Laurence G. Boldt has written this hefty but light-hearted tome that will help you find yourself and your place in the world. His uplifting prose and inspirational quotes provide support for the weary traveler. Like a traditional career book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living includes resume advice and worksheets for narrowing down and sticking with your goals; however, it takes off from there to guide the reader on a quest for spiritual fulfillment through work."

- Career Services, University of Waterloo, Ontario Canada

"I was breezing through the well worn pages of my old copy of Zen and the Art of Making a Living, searching for inspirational quotes, when I realized, that yours is the single most comprehensive book I've ever read . . . and I've read a lot of books. Thank you for writing it."

- Michael Parra

"Zen and the Art of Making a Living is a gift to society! I absolutely loved it and recommend friends and family get their own copy! Thanks!

- Dan Bahrenburg

"I didn’t expect a career planning guide to inspire and feed my soul but it did. The book is full of practical and spiritual suggestions for integrating work into daily living. If you are unsure what you want to do in your work, this book will help you research your many choices to enhance creativity and fulfillment. If you are already working yet feel something is missing, Zen and the Art of Making a Living will assist you in finding the joy in your work and making a contribution. Formatted similar to a workbook, this book is so chock full of inspiring quotes, strategies, and wisdom that you will soon find yourself applying the concepts to all areas of your life."

- Lisa Grady

"The parachute books are useful, and there are hundreds about finding purpose, meaning, work you love, etc. The best is Boldt's 600-page workbook. Lots of philosophy and quotations mixed with a practical guide for creative career design. The sections are easy to move in and out of depending on your needs. Comprehensive, useful, and maybe even life changing."

- Dr. Mark S. Albion

"How can I possibly express the life-transforming realizations your book has helped me to see? I truly feel blessed to have found it. It's given me a whole new perspective on work and couldn't have come along at a better time in my life. I've been longing to make a career change for many years, and your book has inspired me to go for it."

- Dave Powell, Newman, GA

"I am writing to you to let you know how much I enjoyed and benefited from your book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living. I found it fascinating, stimulating, meaningful, and helpful. You truly helped me to resolve to take the first steps on a new path (my quest) for which my heart and my mind have been yearning for years. It has served, not only as an invaluable resource for information and ideas, but also as a source of wisdom and a jumping-off place for discovery. I thank you for writing it."

- Jeffrey R. Kastin, La Jolla, CA

"This book is a life changer or at least an eye opener. Perfect for this time in our economy where we are re-thinking our careers and lifestyles, by force or by coincidence. You can jump around the book or read it from cover to cover. It has a lot of useful practical stuff but I relished the philosophy most."

- V. Jung, New York

"I recently discovered your book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living. It's the best career planning book I've ever read, and I've read quite a few. Unlike most career planning books, your book deals with the deeper issues of what work (and life) is all about."

- D. S., San Francisco, CA

"Thank you. Thank you graciously, passionately, joyously. I had lost purpose . . . and your book provided a mirror, a process, a background, chunks of wisdom, assurance. . . . My 'work' has just begun, of course, but your book really reaches me. It sings to me. I wanted to say thank you for your work, for putting me back on the Way, for re-awakening me."

- E. J. , Haverhill, MA

"Just had to tell you-I've had the 'ultimate' Zen experience with your book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living. I was thoroughly 'stuck' in regard to career decisions. . . . I bought the book and immersed myself in it, vowing to 'do' the book as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, so that I could get myself to decide upon a direction, and get on with my life. . . . I am busily doing the next step I need to take, career-wise. I do not know exactly how and where this step will lead me, but my next step is obvious, and I have finally admitted that that sort of clearness is all that matters to me."

- C. B. I., Worthington, OH

"I have just ordered from a favorite local book store ten copies of your book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living. What a wonderful out-of-the-blue gift to friends and not-so-friends alike. This is a WORK! . . . What a work! For both the spiritual life/philosophies AND [as] a practical workbook . . . There ain't none-not like this! Thank you."

- C. K. L., Perrysburg, NY

"I picked up a copy of your book, Zen and the Art of Making a Living: by page ten, I was on the phone trying to locate your phone number. Thank you for writing this most wonderful expression of love. I have always considered work as a person's primary art form; your book is the first time I've run across the idea put forth so totally and helpfully. . . .Thank you so much for giving and sharing."

- R. S., Marion, IA

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