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Zen and the Art of Making a Living






Zen and the Art of
Making a Living

Work is more than a matter of keeping busy all day. It must feed the soul as well. Laurence Boldt has done a splendid job of explaining this truth. I commend
Zen and the Art of Making a Living to all thoughtful readers and seekers.

—Richard N. Bolles, author of
What Color is Your Parachute?

I've had
How to Find the Work You Love and Zen and the Art of Making a Living, for a few years and have found them to be incredibly beautiful and empowering. My heartfelt compliments! Your work is exceptionalit has brought me much joy, comfort and inspiration!

How To Find The Work You Love
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How to Find the
Work You Love

Boldt’s timely book,
How to Find the Work You Love, teaches you how to proactively take control of your career by setting your feet in the direction you’ve always wanted to go. Life then becomes a mission, not a burden; a contribution, not a cage of unmet dreams.

—Stephen Covey, author of The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

This thin self-help manual provides an elegantly simple approach to defining what you want from life and work. Clear your mind to consider the author's provocative, introspective questions, and you will likely walk away with new insights and ideas to rebuild your career.

—Richard Leider, author of
The Power of Purpose

Tao of Abundance





Ernest Callenbach,
author of Ecotopia


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Check out the Zen Book Resources area for Web sites and books on researching potential careers, conducting a targeted job search, writing a resume and cover letter, conducting a successful job interview, as well as a variety of networking resources. You will also find resources for starting a small business or nonprofit foundation, working as a freelance, and much much more.